: Here’s what you need to know about the restart of student loan payments and Americans are not canceling flights as omicron variant spreads — at least, not yet

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Inside the restart of student loan payments. Here’s what you need to know.

The student loan payment pause is slated to end on January 31, 2022. We offer tips on how you can prepare. Read More

Americans are not canceling flights as omicron variant spreads — at least, not yet

Not all locations are seeing a downturn in travel demand as a result of the latest variant. Read More

‘My girlfriend is a busy woman’: She told me to manage her investments and generate 10% returns — she got angry when I refused

‘She said that if she can’t trust me with her money, she can’t trust me at all.’ Read More

The 2022 BMW 5 series: This talented, luxury sedan is for people who love to drive

This is a car for those who want luxury and technology but also tune into what the steering tells them, and revel in an engine’s effortless power. Read More

Google’s 2021 Year in Search: AMC and GME stocks, Dogecoin, stimulus checks and shortages dominated queries

These were the most Googled news stories and financial topics of 2021 — and how MarketWatch covered them Read More

My late mother’s will was signed under ‘suspicious circumstances.’ My father ransacked $2M from her estate — he now lives with his much younger wife.

‘Her will — in my opinion fake, but I can’t prove it — was signed weeks before her death under suspicious circumstances, and creates a trust.’ Read More

MarketWatch asked doctors to if they’d accept New Year’s Eve party invitations. Here’s what they said.

‘Would you and I go into a building where we can see smoke and hear fire alarms? That’s what omicron is,’ said vaccinologist Gregory Poland. Read More

Household electricity and gas bills are on the rise — here’s how to reduce your monthly costs

These increases come as more than 11% of employed Americans continue to work from home because of coronavirus. Read More

Mom, 48, admits stealing her daughter’s identity to run up nearly $20K in student debt. She even posed as a student in her 20s to evade detection

Prosecutors say Laura Oglesby, 48, attended classes at Southwest Baptist University, using her daughter’s federal student loans and grants. Read More

One country topped GoFundMe’s list of most generous nations for the third year in a row — and it’s not the U.S.

The most generous user on the fundraising platform made 434 donations in 2021, according to GoFundMe’s 2021 giving report. Read More

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