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Astra Guild Ventures is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that invests in NFTs and other blockchain assets. The company aims to become the most valuable DAO worldwide by 2022. It plans to achieve that goal by capitalizing on the increasing adoption of NFT assets and NFT Play-to-Earn Games, and other interesting blockchain projects.

Moreover, the AGV team wants to speed up the adoption of new NFT and blockchain projects. Thus, it decided to introduce them to the community through partnerships or purchasing equities and assets from these projects. The company will aid NFT and blockchain enthusiasts to earn money by renting out community-owned assets. It will also provide training to users and help contributors maximize their earning potential. The team will utilize the abundant human resources and partnerships of the DAO to achieve the latter.

Astra Guild Ventures launched its native utility token on December 1, 2021. The sale will end on December 20, 2021. The total supply of AGV tokens is 2000000000. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, and USDT in exchange for its tokens. Besides, AGV is high ranked on several ICO listing platforms. This coin seems to have strong potential.

What are the company’s plans?

Astra Guild Ventures wants to build the largest community of blockchain and NFT enthusiasts, contributors, and tech leaders around the globe. The team will create a completely transparent virtual economy providing equal value to all stakeholders.

Furthermore, the AGV team believes in a need for a decentralized community that connects tech leaders, contributors, and NFT enthusiasts, considering that NFTs and other digital assets are becoming part of day-to-day transactions worldwide. Having an early position on these assets will bring broader opportunities to the DAO and its token and its community.

Astra Guild Ventures is aiming for complete transparency with all of its stakeholders. Thus, the company will launch an earnings dashboard accessible to every user. It will track the total earnings of all AGV-owned NFT assets. In addition, the company will also make the list of all of its assets publicly accessible by everyone, including non-DAO members. People will be able to verify all assets through the blockchain network easily.

The platform will have a DAO Governance Board. AGV token holders will be able to propose and vote changes and new policies of the DAO there. They can also lock up their tokens through the AGV website and earn rewards or interests.

What about the SeedOn’s ICO?

SeedOn plans to launch its native utility token on December 15, 2021. The ICO sale will end on January 15, 2022. 120,000,000 SEON will be available for purchase for the price of $0.010000. That is 34% of the total supply. The company aims to raise $1,200,000, and it will accept BNB in exchange for SEON tokens.

SeedOn is a blockchain-based solution with ambitious plans. It wants to revolutionize conventional crowdfunding and provide traceability and transparency to all stakeholders. As a result, users will have complete control of their investments at all times. The founder team had an idea to create a decentralized environment where they could transparently facilitate securities transactions. The main goal was all investments and raised capital operations to be traceable and visible to all network users. Besides, a platform that promotes transparency and trust would definitely attract investors. Defi users are more likely to prefer such a solution for investments over the competition.

The team offers many interesting features, but the main one is probably SeedOn’s Smart Contract Escrow model, which ensures a controlled startup’s capital infusion. According to the company, the platform will release the total capital invested in the startup into stages. That means the entrepreneur will only have access to a limited amount of cash flow until it completes further objectives or targets of the project. In such a scenario, it is unlikely to become a victim of a fraudulent project. On the contrary, the platform will keep the loss to a minimum, and if things take an unsuccessful turn, it will lose only a part of the total capital. Investors will get the rest back.

How can the users make investments?

SeedOn announced that users would be able to conduct investments in startups on its platform through SEON, which will provide a stable and constant trading volume. As a result, crypto traders will trade SEON tokens not only on public exchanges, but all the platform’s users investing in startups will use it. That will substantially benefit the value of the coin. Having a constant balanced supply/demand ratio will stabilize the token’s price and might increase its value.

The company also offers other benefits to SEON holders. They will get various rewards using the token over conventional crowdfunding platforms. According to the team, investors using the SeedOn platform will have the option to use the SEON token to invest in a startup. If they prefer to receive the rewards, that is another option. In that case, they will get a chance to choose fiat currency.

SEON traders

The company wants traders to use SEON widely as a way of payment. That will benefit both investors and entrepreneurs, providing an easy way to earn a passive income.

Moreover, SeedOn aims to use distributed ledger technology to provide a transparent platform. This technology will foster transactions between investors and entrepreneurs in a trusted and secure environment. The platform is using Binance Smart Chain. Thanks to the latter’s Consensus mechanism, SeedOn will facilitate fast, safe and secure transactions.

The company also noted that using a smart contract escrow model would provide complete control over the raised capital. It will not permit entrepreneurs to defraud their investors.

Currently, most crowdfunding platforms allow only donation-based pledges, which means that users pay in advance for a physical product that the company will manufacture and deliver at some point in the future. However, in addition to this type of crowdfunding, SeedOn team wants to offer other alternatives they are currently working on.

The company will use screening to ensure security. Users will be able to submit a new crowdfunding project to this platform after going through a registration and screening process for a background check.




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