Binance added VOXEL and ANY tokens. What about MELD?

Binance announced on Monday that it would add Voxies (VOXEL) on its Launchpad. This is the 25th project the exchange decided to take on. The total supply of VOXEL tokens is 300,000,000, but only 10% will be available for purchase on the Binance Launchpad. The price will be 0.2 USD per VOXEL during the initial coin offering. The platform will accept only BNB in exchange, though.

Voxie Tactics is a retro-styled tactical RPG. The team got inspiration from the vein of classical 1990s and early 2000s tactics games. However, it decided to add some modern twists and updated gameplay mechanics. Voxies aims to make the game feel both modern and nostalgic at the same time. Thus far, it features two core gameplay modes – Exploration and Battling. However, there are lots of ancillary RPG gameplay mechanics that players usually expect from any Role-Playing Game.

The exploration mode offers a story-driven experience. It will allow the players to explore the world of Voxie Tactics freely. In the process, they will encounter many different types of adventures. Users will uncover the backstory of the game and explore the exciting, vibrant world. The team made sure to provide many hidden surprises, and users will uncover them as they play and explore. Players can use multiple different ways to approach different problems they will undoubtedly encounter in the world.

What about Battling mode?

According to the team, the battling aspect of the game will take place in specific arenas. The characters will have to move around with a third tile-based map and use a multitude of different actions to satisfy certain battle conditions, like defeating all enemies in a battle.

Furthermore, the battle gameplay will be complex and nuanced as it represents an ever-growing challenge to users’ wits. The team ensured that the player would get all necessary explanations in a progressive manner. As a result, new players won’t be overwhelmed when they begin the game.

The company’s motto is “Easy to get into, but hard to master.” It has used this motto throughout its development, especially to make major decisions. Voxies presents its players with a complex and deep strategy that will allow them to keep coming back for more. However, the gameplay is accessible to all ranges of players.

Users will head into battles with parties made up of anywhere between 2 and 7 members. They will battle monsters, evil-doers, bandits, and even other players in the platform’s PVP modes. Players will be able to employ many different tactics, as well as deep RPG strategies to overcome the various challenges in battle areas.

Besides, Voxie Tactics is a Free-To-Play game, which is a great advantage. The game also allows users to bring their own Voxies character from the Voxies NFT project. The players doing that will get additional benefits. They will be able to customize the playable experience according to their own Voxie characters’ abilities.

Binance also listed Anyswap’s token

On Saturday, the exchange listed ANY token opening trading for ANY/BTC, ANY/USDT, and ANY/BUSD trading pairs. Anyswap is a fully decentralized bridge infrastructure and cross-chain swap protocol. The team created ANY as the native utility token of the platform. It will enable users to pay for bridge transaction fees, as well as participate in governance and staking.

The company decided to base its project on Fusion DCRM technology, with automated pricing and liquidity system. Moreover, Anyswap is essentially a decentralized application running on the Binance Smart Chain, Fusion, Ethereum, and Fantom blockchains. The team has already launched its first DEX app –

Initially, the ANY token’s only purpose was to allow the election of Anyswap Working Nodes (also called AWN’s). That took place in late 2020, though. Now the token holders can vote on new coin listings on The platform gives ANY’s as gifts to customers for using the The team also uses the token for other community rewards and incentives. ANY plays the role of a smart contract on each of the supported blockchains. It’s not a typical ERC-20 token.

Users can add ANY in Trustwallet if they use Anyswap, Binance Smart Chain, or Ethereum. However, if they are registered on Fusion, they have to use a Fusion wallet. While they can see their ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum Anyswap exchange, on the other chains, users will have to use the Bridge to convert them to smart contracts on the respective chain.

Moreover, customers can send ANY tokens to another wallet by using or the Bridge in the exchange. There is also another function called “Swap Send.” The latter enables users to both swap and send to another wallet in one operation.

MELD token’s ICO began today. What does its platform offer? is the first of its kind Learn-to-Earn decentralized platform around the world. It enables players to challenge and create quizzes, as well as build, and monetize their gaming experience in the Polygon blockchain.

The company launched its native utility token MELD on Binance Smart Chain. The ICO sale began on December 6, 2021. The token price is $0.007000 per MELD during the initial coin offering. Users can buy it on BSC Station. The team aims to raise $100,000 by trading these coins, and it accepts only BUSD in exchange.’s creators believe that everyone has something very shiny to share. Thus, they decided to enable each person to create something unique or special for the world. The company aims to build a massive, gamified knowledge content platform. The latter will allow users to learn, create and play.

Moreover, the company will reward anyone who contributes to the platform and the other users as well. People will have the chance to create from the heart, make the game a happy experience for themselves, and profit in the process.

The team believes that the platform cannot be successful and fully developed without the community. Thus, it offers Defi users to build it together and enjoy a rich learning and creation gaming experience as a result. This project has an interesting, well-thought-out roadmap, along with a strong potential to achieve success. MELD token is already high-ranked on various ICO rating platforms.




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