A one-Stop-Shop for Crypto: MultiBank’s upcoming service

The MultiBank group is already quite famous on the crypto market with its ongoing progress, super transparent, and secure services. Currently, they have decided to bring their crypto-related services to a new level: combine their duties in one highly regulated and safe place.

Naser Taher, chairman of the Hong Kong-based MultiBank Group, plans to establish a full-service cryptocurrency exchange that provides credibility and trust. Taher is launching exchanges and a broader cryptocurrency ecosystem with his son Zak Taher. He believes that such a platform has great potential because no other financial institution can provide everything they can provide in the same place.

MultiBank Group aims to provide its customers with excellent products and services. They promise to continue investing heavily in technology and regulations to benefit customers and improve the entire foreign exchange industry. It is no surprise that MultiBank Group has achieved such success with such strong leadership.

A few words about MultiBank Group

MultiBank Group has already launched MEX Digital, where Zak serves as the chief operating officer. MEX Digital is a global digital asset exchange that provides transactions in more than 20 world-class cryptocurrencies. They have a diverse global audience, with more than 25 offices worldwide. MultiBank Group was first established in California in 2005 and now has at least one office on every continent globally.

MultiBank serves more than 320,000 customers from more than 90 countries/regions. Their branches face strict supervision and only promote safe and legal transactions. The group’s daily trading volume includes foreign exchange, commodities, metals, stocks, and contracts for difference (CFD).

MultiBank Group became one of the first companies to start an electronic and online foreign exchange and financial derivatives trading. In fact, they provided complete transparency from the beginning.

The group also established MEX Pay, an electronic money institution that provides online banking services for individuals and businesses, enabling customers to conduct transactions and banking in traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies.

These companies are supported by MEXD, which is the native token of the group that Tahers is starting out. It will run on the Ethereum blockchain and serve as a utility token to ensure the interoperability of the MultiBank ecosystem.

Eleven different regulatory agencies regulate multiBank, and there will be three other regulatory agencies soon. Their overall strategy is to embrace regulation and best practices.

Why is regulation so necessary for the company?

MultiBank Group has attracted the market with its continuous development process, transparent and entirely credible services from the beginning, but the group did not stop there.

According to Zak, their goal is to establish a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange for now. These plans began to form the previous year when MultiBank acquired approval to develop a digital currency institution in Australia.

Taher and his son believe that this new system will give the MultiBank brand a huge advantage in the crypto market.

Tahers believes that investors, individuals, businesses, and institutions will have a huge demand for something similar to a one-stop cryptocurrency. MultiBank’s platform allows its customers to trade their favorite crypto assets while also providing secure custody services. When they want to cash out their profits, they will spend directly from their accounts in cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies.

What more should we expect from MultiBank?

There are more services to be done. MultiBank plans to establish an NFT market to satisfy people’s growing interest in music and art tokens and a new market where sports star performance is the value of transactions. It sees a massive opportunity for trust accounts, enabling families to establish accounts and provide digital assets for the accounts to plan their children’s future. It is also developing real estate applications.

The idea is that customers who are used to doing business with MultiBank but now want to try cryptocurrency transactions and related services should not go to other places. Having a trusted space with various services will help customers save time and energy. Tahers believes that their customers want to do this business with companies they know and trust.

So, MultiBank’s future seems bright. Let’s wait for their future innovations!




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