: ‘You’ll get to where you’re going faster’: Biden talks up infrastructure law

President Joe Biden on Tuesday talked up the bipartisan infrastructure package that he signed into law a day ago, pitching the $1 trillion measure as helping “ordinary people” as he visited New Hampshire.

“You’ll be safer, you’ll get to where you’re going faster, and you’ll save money,” Biden said, speaking next to a bridge in Woodstock, N.H., that’s slated to get rehabilitated with money from the Infrastructure

Investment and Jobs Act.

“This means jobs — jobs for folks making these upgrades,” he also said.

The president’s remarks come as a range of Biden administration officials plan to  travel across the country to promote the public-works package. On Friday, for example, Vice President Kamala Harris is due to visit Ohio, while Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg travels to Arizona, according to the White House.

Next on Biden’s schedule is a visit on Wednesday to a General Motors

factory in Detroit to highlight a provision that puts $7.5 billion toward electric-vehicle chargers.

The Woodstock bridge, which takes New Hampshire Route 175 over the Pemigewasset River, is rated as “structurally deficient,” but now the state will use funds provided by the new federal law for a $4.5 million rehabilitation, according to the White House. The bridge is important to a fire station, logging trucks, a wastewater treatment plant and other enterprises.

“This isn’t some gigantic bill. It is, but it’s about what happens to ordinary people,” Biden said on Tuesday at the bridge.

“This is real stuff. What does it mean if a school bus or water-treatment trucks or logging trucks can’t cross? It means jobs. It means time. It means energy.”

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