Will Bitrise’s price stay high and unchanged?

5% of the tax goes to the repurchase contract to automatically purchase and burn Binance Smart Chain tokens. This is how the Binance smart chain platform Bitrise maintains the high value of the coin. Due to automation, the price of Binance’s smart chain token $BRISE has also remained unchanged.

The automatic repurchase and destruction of Bitrise tokens make the project more trustworthy. According to the team, this is one of the reasons why thousands of new members join the token every day. Bitrise token economics rewards token holders with Binance Coin (BNB). Holders can sell or convert these Binance Coins.

According to the Bitrise team, token holders will automatically receive Binance Coins into their wallets every 60 minutes. Moreover, this stagnant income is attracting new members to join the Binance smart chain platform.

The team recently announced the launch of the staking process. The Binance Smart Chain platform already has products that can generate income for staking.

The existing products on the Binance Smart chain network include Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audit, and Bitrise dApp wallet. The Bitrise team also announced the development of Bitrise exchange and IBitrise Blockchain. These practical products make this Binance Smart Chain more attractive.

As the Binance smart chain platform, Bitrise will continue to shine in the market. The team stated that they actively compete with other DeFi agreements because they have a better DeFi project. The team noted that the Binance smart chain platform would become the essential thing in DeFi.

With the upcoming product launch, Bitrise tokens should continue to experience rapid growth




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