Bitrise’s spectacular growth: Are we looking at new Solana?

Bitrise is a DeFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain. The token recently surged 1000%, making it one of the fastest-growing Binance Smart Chain tokens in the market today.

The coin was launched as a Binance-based coin on July 28, 2021, because it runs on the Binance blockchain.

Understanding of Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain project team is developing a decentralized financial system that will disrupt the traditional financial industry. The same DeFi system runs the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance Smart Chain is the largest dApp project development platform. Build a dApp project on Binance Smart Chain to legalize the coin. Using Binance Smart Chain can ensure that BEP20 tokens have higher liquidity on Binance Exchange. All of the dApps on Binance Smart Chain will be easier to list their tokens on Binance.

Bitrise’s incredible growth: How?

In the past few weeks, Bitrise coin has experienced bullish growth. The team reported the registration of thousands of new members who want to join the Binance smart chain platform. For a cryptocurrency project that has been established for only four months, achieving 1000% growth is an important milestone.

Binance Smart Chain platform is providing attractive rewards to investors that is a quite smart and correct decision. Bitrise token economics is very innovative and attractive. After the launch of the Binance Smart Chain token, the team immediately destroyed 50% of the trillion tokens. Therefore, instantly generating demand for Binance Smart Chain tokens.

The team allocates the remaining 50% of Binance Smart Chain tokens as 7% of future development, 5% of the development team, and 38% of the liquidity pool. The Binance Smart Chain tokens in the liquidity pool are available for investors to use.

Bitrise is a hyper-deflationary token. Therefore, with the purchase of tokens, mining pools are decreasing. The team developed a repurchase contract to repurchase Binance Smart Chain tokens from the pool and destroy them immediately. The Binance Smart Chain platform will charge a 12% fee for each token sale.

Bitrise-Solana’s biggest competitor

According to analysts, the next Solana is Bitrise. Solana is a blockchain platform, and its native token is SOL. Solana positions itself as a competitor of Ethereum. Moreover, Solana got named as one of the fastest-growing Ethereum competitors.

The Solana project has inspired other blockchain-based projects. Among the tokens that will become the next Solana, Bitrise is one of them. Bitrise is markets one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies today. Similar to Solana, Bitrise is developing a blockchain-based platform for the financial industry.

Just like Solana, the team’s project development speed is very fast. Less than a month after the release of the token, Bitrise made public its initial practical products, Bitrise Audits, and Techrate Audit. This is even faster than Solana in the previous two months. The team released the Bitrise dApp wallet in just 30 days.

The Bitrise team took the same route of rewarding users as Solana. From token economics to staking, Bitrise will make users as successful as Solana. Bitrise tokens have a smart repurchase contract that can automatically reduce the tokens in the liquidity pool.

Moreover, like Solana, Bitrise tokens can maintain the high demand and high prices, providing value to investors.

Bitrise also provides rewards for holding coins. The percentage of token sales tax allocated to all token holders. The reward is the active income every 60 minutes.




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