X BLOCKCHAIN aims to offer unique blockchain. What about XCC

X BLOCKCHAIN is a new project which represents a new blockchain to be developed. The team announced that this chain would contain many different protocols. Furthermore, they designed this blockchain so that it will have unique new protocols.

X BLOCKCHAIN aims to become a chain that supports democratic votes very strongly. It will also encompass real-world assets. Moreover, there will be no mining fee for transfers within the chain. Users will be able to mine with renewable energy. X BLOCKCHAIN has a green, environmentally friendly structure for energy sources.

The team plans to develop this chain in a structure that it can use later for ideas such as decentralized virtual reality. The company wants to design the latter in the future. Defi users can develop many decentralized projects within this chain.

They can also create new tokens for community mining. The community members will make decisions about the governance. The company will support voting within the network.

Furthermore, X BLOCKCHAIN launched its native utility token XCC recently. Its sale will end on April 17, 2022. The token price is 0.0000002 USD per XCC during the initial coin offering. The platform is accepting ETH in exchange for its coins. The total supply of XCC is 1000000000. According to the team, 50% of that amount is set aside for the community, 30% is for reserved funding, 10% goes to the founder and the team, 5% is for advisory, and another 5% for airdrop and bonus.

Zenith Coin is the underlying utility token. The team created it to power the Zenith Hybrid chain. In addition, this coin acts as a settlement mechanism for DApps built on its blockchain. This company offers security and stability. It launched the private presale on October 29, 2021. The sale will end on November 5, 2021. The token price is 0.2 USD per ZENITH. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, BNB, USDC, and USDT in exchange for its tokens.

Zenith Chain is an innovative hybrid solution designed to bring interoperability and programmability. It relies on a system of 21 validators with Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus that can support lower fees and short block time. According to the team, the most bonded validator candidates of staking will have a chance to become validators and produce blocks.

The company also supports EVM-compatible smart contracts and protocols. Users will be able to use cross-chain transfer and other communication thanks to native support of interoperability.

The Zenith Chain offers many advantages. It will be a self-sovereign blockchain that will provide security and safety with elected validators. It will also support all the existing Ethereum tooling along with cheaper transaction fees and faster finality.

Moreover, this platform comes with efficient native dual chain communication and, optimized for scaling, high-performance DApps that provide a fast and smooth user experience.

Currently, ZENITH has a circulating supply of 80,000,000 tokens, but a max supply is 120,000,000 ZENITH. This token is also very high-ranked on several ICO listing platforms. Some analysts think this project is an excellent investment with strong potential.




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