Everything You Should Know about Mines of Dalarnia and DAR

Today is the DAR token included in the Binance trading platform for cryptocurrency. The starting price of the token is $ 0.02300. In the first minute, the price of the token jumped to $ 16.7999. It takes a couple of days for the market to accept the token and stabilize the price. Same as any cryptocurrency, in the beginning, with some advertising and prevalence used, it can bring big profits to its investors. Looking at the chart, we see that the volume is insufficient to push the token price. We need a break above $ 6.4 to expect further token growth.

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure earning game with procedurally generated levels on the Binance Smart Chain. Players in the game dig and collect various items such as minerals, rare relics, and artifacts. Thus, they improve their skills and equipment to unlock the secrets of the Dalarnia universe. There are different mines with many terrains to explore and monsters to defeat in search of the rare resources of the Dalarnia world.

As a currency in the game, Players can use the DAR to buy and rent in-game assets in the market.

Players can earn a DAR by selling their in-game items collected in in-game missions or winning competitions. Players who own in-game plots can charge a rental fee by renting them to other players to explore.

Management and games:

Owners of DAR tokens can vote on proposals for deciding on land, mining policy, and other components of game development.

Investment Rewards:

Users can invest in DAR for early access to multiple game features and content, as well as for token rewards.

DAR consists of the next main components that work synchronically:

Procedurally created levels: Different mines in the game have different types of terrain like land, lava, arctic, and toxic, with difficulty levels. As players progress, they will strategically allocate their resources in the game to go through various mines (i.e., upgrade their character’s tools).

Decentralized ownership of in-game assets:

All in-game assets (minerals, tools, plots of land) owned by the player are NFT. Players can exchange and trade NFTs in different NFT markets.

In-Game Market:

The in-game market allows players to buy and sell their assets.

Social Features:

Players can invite friends to the game and meet new people by exploring the planet Dalarnia. In addition, players can collaborate on mining strategies, compete in tournaments, and exchange funds for market games.

In the first round of token sales, the project raised $ 2.76 million. 15.00% of the total DAR token offer was sold for $ 0.023.




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