Personal Finance Daily: For the first time, most U.S. moms will likely be the family breadwinner, and avoid this costly 401(k) blunder

Happy Election Day, American MarketWatchers! Here are today’s top stories:

For the first time, most U.S. moms will likely be the family breadwinner within their child’s first 18 years

New research on how children rely on mothers’ financial support comes as more than 1.6 million women have left the workforce since February 2020. Read More

No more ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ foods: 10 healthy eating ‘patterns’ to prevent heart disease and death

This new look at nutrition takes cultural differences and societal challenges into account Read More

Avoid this costly 401(k) blunder

Small businesses and self-employed individuals could be overpaying in taxes and wasting money by making the wrong choices Read More

Should you pay a ‘meat tax’ on your burger? Some environmentalists say it’s a necessary step to save the planet

Concerns about the climate crisis are fueling the meat-tax debate, especially in connection with the Glasgow COP26 environmental summit Read More

Luxury sedans compared: The 2021 Genesis G90 vs. the Maserati Quattroporte

The Genesis G90 offers great value and a smooth ride, while the 2021 Maserati Quattroporte gives you a choice of engines including a twin-turbo V8. Read More

Don’t get fleeced in this auto market: 5 mistakes to avoid if you’re buying a car now

Sellers have the upper hand. Postponing your purchase may be the best option, but if you must buy a car now, remember these tips. Read More

Why you need a plan B for your holiday travel

There’s already been plenty of travel fiascos this year. As you book 2021 holiday travel, have a backup plan. Here’s what that may mean. Read More

‘I believe my ex-husband influenced my father to write me out of his will. He’s a narcissist and has turned everyone against me. Should I contest it?’

Should this letter writer contest her father’s will? The Moneyist weighs in. Read More

Long Island man used aspirin wonder-drug scam to bilk investors out of $3.5 million to pay for a divorce, Caribbean vacation and spa treatments

Donald Milne promised his fast-acting aspirin could stop heart attacks, but he used the cash to pay for trips, a divorce and a Long Island toy car track, prosecutors say. Read More

‘I just feel like I’m behind’: I’m 29 years old. I have $4,000 in the bank and a $20,000 emergency fund. Am I doing OK financially?

‘Should I just move my $20,000 emergency fund to a high yield savings account?’ Read More

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