Project SEED is launching SHILL token’s ICO tomorrow

Project SEED is launching SHILL token’s ICO tomorrow

Project SEED is a AAA Game Studio that is building a mobile-focused blockchain gaming ecosystem. The latter utilizes Multi Blockchain, integrating governance, gameFi, and NFTs. The company also created its own utility token, SHILL. Its ICO begins tomorrow, November 2, 2021. However, the sale will end on November 5, 2021. 6,000,000 SHILL tokens will be available during the initial coin offering for the price of $0.025000 per coin. That is 0.6% of the total supply. Overall, the team plans to release 25,250,000 SHILL coins initially. Project SEED aims to raise $150,000 with this sale, and it will accept USDC in exchange for SHILL.

Token holders can use SHILL for all in-game transactions, governance votes to determine the project development, and staking to receive various benefits. Furthermore, players will be able to create their own NFTs and thus, acquire assets with a fixed supply. They can later trade these assets in the in-game NFT marketplace. Currently, there are two types of NFT marketplace on Project SEED, aiming to foster game assets liquidity: Rental Marketplaces and P2P.

The in-game DEX also features an In-App money changer. Players can buy and sell tokens there with several token pairs. In addition, this platform enables the staking of liquidity provider tokens. It will incentivize users by distributing SHILL tokens as rewards. Players will govern the game world and the ecosystem. They will be able to propose and vote on the platform regarding game development, world advancement, equipment development, etc.

What about the game?

The team offers exciting features to make this game more interesting. Players will go on adventures and find Zeds. They can tame and spawn the latter and bring them along in the adventure. After catching a Zed, users have two options: keep or defeat. Defeated Zeds give gamers loot items that the latter can use to craft armors and weapons. However, the platform determines the number of Zeds and loot drops by how much the player is willing to stake their tokens.

There are also cooperative adventures. Users can play the chosen story together with three other players. There will be special quests where gamers have to play together with their friends to defeat the bigger and harder mythical Zeds.

Moreover, players can enter tournaments to beat other players. They will also be able to show off what Zeds and armors they have. Like adventures, tournaments are for both solo and team players. The winner of the tournament will win cash prizes. The platform will distribute these awards in SHILL tokens.

Guilds can also enter tournaments and battle with other guilds for rewards. They can choose either solo or team battles, where users have to be in the same guild to build a team. For team battles, the platform will offer special co-op events to defeat Zeds. These events will be unbeatable if playing solo.

The team behind Project SEED is very experienced. ExBinance CMs Liko Subakti, Dinh Thi Thao Trang, and Mohammed Elelu-Bashir met while they worked at the exchange in 2018. There are also developers Alex Setiawan and Baskoro Hadi. Both have experience in top companies in the U.S.

Currently, this project employs more than 30 people, including developers and artists with experience at Binance, PlayStation,, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and Transformers.




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