AURORA, VAIYO, and BSCM tokens are trending – market wrap

Aurora is a relatively new Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Built on the NEAR Protocol blockchain, it delivers a turn-key solution for developers. As a result, they can operate their apps on an Ethereum-compatible, scalable, high-throughput, and safe platform. Another significant advantage is the low transaction costs they can offer their users, thanks to Aurora.

The company is launching its very high-ranked ICO on November 4, 2021. The sale will end on November 18, 2021. AURORA is an ERC20 token. Its price will be 1 USD per token during the initial coin offering. The fundraising goal is 1,000,000 TOKEN, and the total amount of the AURORA coins is the same. The company will accept ETH in exchange.

This platform will provide the Ethereum 1.0 development experience, along with scalability and layer-2-like speed. The team claims that for an Ethereum developer getting started on Aurora will be as easy as changing the RPC endpoint they interact with.

The company has built Aurora on top of NEAR to ensure the platform would have many capabilities. NEAR is a modern layer-1 blockchain. It is very fast (2-3 second transaction finalization), carbon-neutral and scalable. In addition, NEAR is a separate blockchain from Ethereum. Despite that, Aurora aims for full compatibility with Ethereum development tools such as Hardhat and Truffle. NEAR’s trustless bridge to Ethereum means that the assets on Aurora’s platform are the same as Ethereum.

The team noted that it’s easiest to connect Aurora to MetaMask by using the Bridge UI. Users can also manually add Aurora as a custom RPC in MetaMask. The company offers a tutorial about how to do that under the Develop tab.

What about the platform’s other capabilities?

The company pointed out that Aurora is still a work in progress. Because of that, its bridge is currently working with only the Ropsten Testnet (which is an Ethereum test network). The team plans to focus on adding the Aurora Testnet to MetaMask, though.

Even though Aurora is still new on the market, it has already managed to gain the trust of various Defi users. Its native utility token is very popular. AURORA got the highest ranking on several ICO listing platforms. All in all, this platform has great potential, and its well-developed roadmap indicates that the team is ready for challenges along the way.

What is BSC MemePad?

Here is another trending token. BSC MemePad token or BSCM is the native utility coin, and it will become available on October 31, 2021. The sale will end on November 1, 2021. According to the BSC MemePad team, it is the first deflationary Launchpads with Private Sale access on BSC.

Furthermore, it focuses exclusively on Lowcap gems. Binance is one of the largest exchanges worldwide, and its blockchain is also one of the largest and well-developed ones. So, its projects usually attract lots of attention on the market. BSC MemePad is one such platform. It’s already listed on 6,320 watchlists. It seems, many analysts consider this company a good investment.

The price of the BSCM token will be $0.016700 during the initial coin offering. The trader will be able to buy the tokens on the AlgoPad platform. The company aims to raise $55,000 with the sale, and it will accept BNB in exchange.

BSC MemePad plans to offer various advantages. For example, the token holders will receive a guaranteed allocation for upcoming projects based on the number of tokens they are holding. The team will individually vet all prospective projects for the launchpad. As a result, only the best of the best will make it to the public sale.

In addition, holders of $BSCM tokens will get a 1% reward just for holding. The platform will burn a 1% fee to maintain token scarcity. Locking the tokens in the staking contract for longer periods will also enable investors to earn higher allocations and staking rewards. And $BSCM holders will get exclusive privileges to participate in the private sale of upcoming projects.

Vaiyo’s hot token is also available

Vaiyo is a new project with great potential. In the era of digital meetings, people need an application that is easy to use, secure, and affordable. However, it’s not easy to find a conference application that combines all these features in the current market. This platform aims to change that and offer a better product.

Considering that Vaiyo is the Defi platform, it also offers its own native utility token. The company launched its ICO on October 21, 2021. The sale will continue until February 22, 2021, though. The team aims to raise 2 000 000.00 USD by trading VAIYO tokens, and it accepts ETH, BTC, USD, BNB, USDT, and BUSD in exchange. This token is very high ranked on several top ICO listing platforms. And its popularity is increasing over time.

Vaiyo thinks that providing transparency is crucial within organizations. It also helps to improve business performance. This is first and foremost a communication platform, but it has many features that will allow organizations to make internal communication easier and faster, along with increasing productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, Vaiyo offers interesting features, such as online video conferencing, desktop sharing, digital Whiteboard, polling, private talk in a group, sharing media, recording sessions, rooms stay in profile, sharing webcam, notebook export, breakout rooms, shared notebook, emojis, and multiple rooms.

What about the security?

Security is one of the most important things when it comes to video conferencing platforms. After all, people speak about their business on them, and if the platform is untrustworthy, it may use this sensitive information for criminal purposes.

That’s why Vaiyo decided to build its platform on Defi. Blockchain is the safest system currently existing. The team has already enhanced the security. It also added various features to the platform, including audio, video, and screen sharing. Thanks to Secure Real-Time Protocol, media packets are encrypted. All of these adds up to a high level of built-in security for streaming. And there is also a Face filter and background separation through SDK.

The company plans to create an intuitive interface. Besides, blockchain technology is impossible to hack, and users won’t need any third-party involvement. They will be able to use the Whiteboard for drawing all kinds of infographics or even create a Kanban for the team. Meeting participants can create instant polls in the room they are chatting to their friends and colleagues. Overall, this platform has lots of exciting features, and it’s not surprising that the Vaiyo token is so in demand on the market.




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