Apple Watch Series 7 – is it worth buying?

Apple has spent years trying to convince the consumer to be a leader of smartwatches. The company has recently launched the Apple Watch Series 7, hoping to further expand the sales data of its older brothers.

There are some changes in the device compared to the previous models, such as the considerable increase in the size of the spheres. However, is it worth buying? We’ll discuss it in detail.

Bigger screen

It is clearly similar to Series 6 but the screen is 20% bigger. The screen increase comes in handy when unlocking the smartwatch and interacting with the installed applications.

Apple has gone to great lengths to make its toughest watch to date. Specifically, the glass is 50% thicker than the Series 6 which makes it resistant to cracks and scratches. In addition, it has protection against water.

Thanks to LTPO technology, the user can check the time or activity without looking directly at the dial.

For sport and health

Series 7 continues to be especially focused on health and sports. On its back, it contains the same sensors as the previous model, which allow the measurement of oxygen in the blood or the performance of electrocardiograms. For sports, we have, for example, the classic stopwatch and the fitness app where we can select between several types of exercises, and track progress.

Beyond this, the device still has an NFC chipset, which allows payments to be made without using the wallet. It can also be used to start or receive calls. The QWERTY keyboard is a novelty, it allows you to write messages exactly the same way as in iPhone or any other smartphone.

The main appeal of the device is the increase of the screen. Beyond that, the watch does not offer great changes, at least for those users who own the previous generation.




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