BNB is launching the DAR token. BRTX got a high ranking

Binance announced that it’s adding the 23rd project – Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) on its Launchpool. This is a new action-adventure play-to-earn game built on Binance Smart Chain. The customers will be able to stake their BUSD and BNB into separate pools to farm DAR tokens over thirty days. They can start farming on October 29, 2021. The exchange will also list DAR into the innovation zone on November 4, 2021, opening trading with DAR/BNB, DAR/BTC, DAR/USDT, and DAR/BUSD trading pairs.

Mines of Dalarnia have procedurally generated levels. Players can mine and combine various in-game items, improving their skills and gear to unlock the secrets of the MoD universe. At the same time, they can search for rare relics and artifacts. The platform offers different terrains for exploration and monsters to conquer in the quest for those rare resources. Moreover, friends will be able to play together in the Dalarnian world.

Users can genuinely own items in this game, with all the MoD assets represented as non-fungible tokens. Players can export and trade these NFTs on open markets. The platform records all the in-game transactions on the blockchain, ensuring that no centralized party could tamper with the game results.

MoD also issues a native utility token DAR. The latter is the governance token and the necessary currency for upgrading tools or trading on marketplaces. It’s essentially the default currency in the Dalarnian world.

How does this platform work?

The team has set up the main gameplay around combating, mining, and collecting resources. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform issues assets in the game as non-fungible tokens, enabling players to transfer or trade them freely in the in-game marketplace.

The game itself is quite interesting. There are abundant resources of different minerals underground in the world of Dalarnia, waiting for brave explorers to discover them. The terrain of lands varies, as well as the resources. Ambitious entrepreneurs will be able to buy lands to develop Dalarnia better and get the best use of the resources. They will make the world a more attractive place and make a fortune for themselves in the process.

According to the team, being a landowner in the game offers a variety of opportunities to earn money. For instance, there will be land sales to provide opportunities to participants. Gamers will need to pay the price to buy the piece of it. However, NFTs represent lands, and buyers will own coins if they choose to acquire them. Considering that there are different types of land, they can also decide which one they prefer.

The platform will also offer rewards for landowners in the form of tokens, minerals airdrop, necessary tools, or other formats based on the collective decisions of the token holders.

What about minerals and mining tools?

There are essential and exotic minerals in the game. Players can use basic minerals to perform basic equipment upgrades. They can find them in the Free Zone. The latter is available to every Mines of Dalarnia player. Scrap, iron ore, and Falun copper are some of the basic minerals in the game.

However, there are also exotic minerals. Users can get advanced equipment with them, as well as plot upgrades. Players can only find exotic minerals in paid mines they own or in plots they have rented from another player.

To start playing the game, users need to purchase the starter pack. It includes the basic pickaxe and oxygen packs. However, they will need different resources to upgrade a tool depending on the functionalities. They can pay for a fixed number of needs in DAR tokens. There is an upper limit to each player’s tool slot, and after the player reaches that amount, they will need to either trade their item or drop their item or place it on their lands.

In addition, different mine types use different equipment to keep players alive. For example, the user’s oxygen tank level determines how long they could survive on the run in Terrestrial mines. On the other hand, their Heat Sink will determine how long they can stay alive in the Lava mine.

Mines of Dalarinia also offers an in-game marketplace for players to rent or trade various items, including mined minerals, unique cosmetics, and crafted tools. The platform will charge a fee in DAR for each transaction, though.

Players might have an abundant amount of one type of mineral while lacking a different kind due to the different distribution of minerals on each terrain. They can exchange them in the market.

What advantages does the DAR token offer?

DAR is a crucial token for managing the economics in the game, incentivizing players, and keeping the economy in the Dalarnia world growing sustainably.

It is also the default in-game currency. Users can upgrade their tools with DARs or participate in trade in the in-game marketplace. The team will store the DAR collected from these activities in the community reserve. The token holders will decide on the use case of the DAR tokens collectively. They can either fund further gameplay development or burn the tokens.

Mines of Dalarnia is a game owned by the players and token holders. The team implemented the decentralized governance structure to enable tokens holders to vote on mechanisms and policies in the game. Players will have a chance to win token rewards in the game in various ways. They will also be able to participate in competitions and win token rewards in DAR.

BERTINITY token is in the spotlight. Why’s that?

BERTINITY is a fully anonymous and No KYC financial blockchain ecosystem. Its ecosystem contains five main parts: crypto payment gateway, ICO launchpad, centralized exchange, native coin, and decentralized worldwide security token stock market.

The company launched its native utility token BRTX, building it on Binance Smart Chain. This token offers lots of benefits. For example, it’s acceptable on Bertinity Payment Gateway; its value will increase along with the projected growth, users will be able to enjoy security token trade discounts, and the company will list BRTX on Bertinity and other trusty exchanges.

The team launched the token on October 20, 2021. The sale will end on November 20, 2021. The total supply of BRTX is 62000000000. However, only 20% will be available for public sale. The platform will accept ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XMR, TRX, BNB, USDC, SOL, USDT, DASH, DOGE, XLM, XRP, ADA, and BUSD in exchange for its native token during the initial coin offering.




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