Top Ten: Weekend reads: Stocks to own during periods of high inflation

Many investors looking for long-term growth are best served by mutual funds or exchange traded funds. But individual stocks have their place, and there are different ways to approach selection.

Michael Brush interviewed Neal Kaufman, who manages the Baron Health Care Fund
which has been an excellent performer since it was established in May 2018, and shares three tips for selecting companies and 10 of his favorite stocks.

Brush also shares five stocks of companies that are well-positioned in a high-inflation economy.

More stock picks:

What inflation means for investors and consumers

Inflation, the pace of the increase in U.S. consumer prices, remained at a 30-year high in September, with prices up 5.4% from a year earlier. Here’s a sampling of MarketWatch’s coverage of a topic that affects everyone who spends, saves or invests:

Finding the perfect place to live

Pocahontas State Park is 20 miles from downtown Richmond, Va.

Courtesy Richmond Region Tourism

Silvia Ascarelli writes the “Where Should I Retire?” column to help MarketWatch readers consider locations based on their circumstances and desires. This week she helps a reader who wants to live in a medium-sized city with warm weather, beaches close by and little traffic, by suggesting a different line of thinking and offering three possible locations.

Try MarketWatch’s retirement location tool for your own custom search. It includes data for more than 3,000 U.S. counties and incorporates climate risk.

Looking ahead to bitcoin regulation


and cryptocurrencies get more important by the day, as more people become comfortable with them as stores of value. But virtual currencies also represent a threat to the established order, including governments and central banks. Coinbase Global Inc.

has tried to get ahead of the curve, recommending a new federal agency to regulate digital currencies, Chris Matthews reports.

More bitcoin and crypto coverage:

Time for a refreshing COLA

Getty Images

In Social Security Land, COLA stands for cost of living adjustment. These annual increases are driven by the inflation rate; the 2022 COLA will be the largest in 40 years, Alessandra Malito reports.

What a Nobel Prize winner says about the minimum wage

Traditional arguments over raising the minimum wage, or having them in the first place, include the possibility that employers will reduce staff headcount. But Nobel Prize winner David Card participated in research that found this wasn’t necessarily true. Jeffry Bartash explains how Card’s work lead to a change in how states handle their minimum wage.

The latest in money ideas

As part of the Best New Ideas In Money series, Jeremy Olshan, the editor of MarketWatch, explains how “self-nudging” can help all of us improve our financial decisions.

Going green with ETFs

MarketWatch illustration/iStockphoto

In this week’s ETF Wrap, Mark DeCambre looks at exchange traded funds that focus on alternative energy sources. They have been excellent performers recently.

Read on: How do I tell if this ESG fund is legit or is just greenwashing?

How young people plan to shop for the holidays

Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to Accenture’s 15th annual holiday shopping survey, 70% of Generation Z shoppers (born in 1997 or later) plan to do holiday shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, while 54% of Baby Boomers plan to do the majority of their shopping online. Tonya Garcia explains how retailers are modernizing.

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