Floki Token is in the spotlight. What does it offer?

Floki Token is becoming more and more popular. The founder team created this token to aid in philanthropic initiatives in the Clean and Renewable Energy space. The project will help resolve various problems. For instance, one of Floki Token’s goals is to enable clean, fast, affordable exchange rates within the blockchain system.

The team built FLOKI on a Binance Smart Chain. Its platform is wholly decentralized. Thanks to blockchain technology, users can monitor all transactions and donations online. It’s totally transparent. The company runs each donation through BSC as well.

Floki Token is community-driven. It aims to provide its holders with the best service and reward them in the process by offering various advantages. The founder team decided to create a Meme coin, which would be different from others. The team members wanted to help other people with the same problems that they faced every day while buying and selling Cryptocurrency.

Thus, they created a fully green transparent project and named it Floki Token. The founder members have backgrounds in programming and media, with some of them working voluntarily in several charity organizations. They believed that they could make Floki Token a very successful project and venture for all involved.

What is the project’s mission?

Floki Token’s goal is to create a meme coin that will help charities, along with bringing profits to its users. While most of the Defi communities and platforms enable their customers to earn money, there aren’t many companies that focus on charity. Floki stands out in that way.

In addition, the team wanted the coin to have utility for growth. It aimed to create its own decentralized exchange, which would offer ultra-low bottom line fees. To achieve that, the platform needed its own utility token. Floki Token fits perfectly into that role. It is currently available on PancakeSwap. So, users can easily purchase it. While the token’s price is relatively low now, it will increase over time. As a result, users will be able to profit from Floki coins by simply holding them in their wallets.

Biconomy is very hot. When will its ICO start?

Biconomy is a tech firm building transaction infrastructure for next-generation web three applications. Its token is very trending currently. The company plans to launch its ICO on October 14, 2021. The sale will end on October 21, 2021.

BICO is an ERC20 token. Its price will be 0.25 USD during the initial coin offering. Biconomy aims to raise 50,000,000 with the sale. The total amount of tokens is 1,000,000,000. But not all of them will be available at the first stage. The platform will accept ETH, BTC, USDT, and USDC in exchange for BICO.

Thanks to Biconomy’s powerful and easy-to-use SDK/APIs, its users will be able to enjoy customized and straightforward transactions without getting intimidated by blockchain complexities.

This platform will enable seamless interactions between the companies’ applications and their end-users. In addition, the simplified Web3 experience will allow drop-off rates to decrease, thus increasing user adoption.

Biconomy aims to make Web3 products as intuitive and easy to use as possible. The team believes that simplifying the transaction experience will be crucial for decentralized projects to achieve any sort of adoption. Thus, it decided to solve the main problems and obstacles at the crypto transactional layer, hoping that simplifying Web3 experiences it will accelerate mass adoption.

As easy as Biconomy makes it sound, their mission is quite difficult in reality. The truth is that Web3 applications currently face major roadblocks to user adoption. That’s mostly due to terrible user onboarding and transaction experiences. Almost every interaction with the companies’ Dapp is a complex transaction for its users. People are used to intuitive Web2 products, and unlike them, Dapp’s are often extremely frustrating.

What problems do the users face while using Dapps?

Users have to pay a gas fee every time they use the application. That is very costly and complicates things. Customers can only pay in ETH, and they may not have it at hand every time. Some users may not even want to spend their ETH investment.

New customers often have to endure a long onboarding process. Non-crypto savvy new users will have to pass KYC, download a wallet, purchase ETH from an exchange, and connect their wallet before they can go any further. This can take several days. In a world where the faster the app, the more users it has, no one will wait for days to try out a new application.

That’s not all, though. Some Dapps need the users to be proficient in complex blockchain technicalities. For example, if the project is on layer 2, customers need to know what that really means. They must be able to change RPC manually when necessary.

Pending and stuck transactions can force customers to wait for minutes and sometimes even hours before they can carry on interacting with the application. The transaction sometimes fails altogether. With all these problems hindering their development, it’s clear that Dapps doesn’t have a prayer of mass adoption without solving them.

How does Biconomy plan to overcome these obstacles?

According to the company, developers would have to build an internal relayer infrastructure from scratch or solve the above-listed problems. This new infrastructure would involve active management, as well as maintenance.

The community will have to monitor gas prices at all times based on the congestion of the mempool and the network. Users should also keep track of nonces and manage the transaction queue. That is especially important because the user cannot send the next transactions if one transaction is stuck. However, customers will be able to manage long-pending transactions. The platform will enable them to automate the process of re-publishing low-fee transactions with higher gas.

Developers will need to hold a treasury and apply risk management for managing ERC 20 payments. As a result, the platforms will accept ERC 20 tokens if users want to pay gas fees with them. Overall, Biconomy has interesting ideas and clever solutions. So, it’s not surprising that its token is so highly regarded in the Defi community.

What about Defina Finance’s ICO?

Defina Finance is a relatively new online blockchain game. It utilizes and combines decentralized finance and NFT to allow users to own their gaming assets, as well as monetize them through playing and training.

The company is launching its native token today. FINA is a BEP-20 token. Its price will be 0.4 USD per FINA during the initial coin offering. The total amount of tokens is 100,000,000, but only 23,75% will be available for the token sale.

Defina wants to make blockchain technology available for millions of users. It aims to allow players to explore a new form of gaming through blockchain technology. The company adopted a play-to-earn system as it allows players to get rewards by playing the game and trading their assets.

The team decided to create its own token, $FINA, for the same reason – to offer more advantages to the players. FINA is both a utility and governance token. The holders can use it throughout the Defina ecosystem.

According to Defina, it’s game and tokens will be the gateway for most traditional players to experience decentralized finance. They will also have a chance to learn more about decentralized autonomous organizations as the team plans to implement a staking rewards and governance system later.

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