Robinhood Continues to Improve its Customer Service 

Robinhood Continues to Improve its Customer Service 

It is hard to imagine a successful company without good customer service, and Robinhood is ready to improve its customer service. A popular trading app made an important announcement on Tuesday. It launched around-the-clock phone support to better serve its customers, including the millions of users who’ve signed up to access cryptocurrency investments.

Customers will be able to speak with a live customer service representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. Robinhood stated that the 24/7 support line is part of a broader effort to expand reliability and accessibility. Thanks to the 24/7 support line, the company will be able to answer time-sensitive requests from its clients.

It is quite easy to use the service. Customers can request a call through the Robinhood app. They will receive a notification when they are next for a phone conversation. The company’s representative will then initiate the call. 


Robinhood and new opportunities 

Christine Brown is the current chief operating officer of Robinhood Crypto. The company is expanding its customer service due to higher volumes and longer wait times, which are characteristic of large exchanges according to Brown. 

Robinhood wants to resolve three major barriers to its financial markets, including economic, educational, and emotional. Brown talked about the emotional aspect of financial markets. She believes that the company should help to overcome emotional barriers. It needs to help customers feel that they are ready to become investors. Robinhood is ready to offer them round-the-clock customer service, as it wants to remove emotional barriers.

As of June 2021, the company had roughly 2,700 customer support staff members. It is on course to grow its customer services unit by a factor of 2 ½ in 2021. 

Customer service remains a serious issue for many cryptocurrency traders. In August, thousands of Coinbase customers were unable to reach customer support even after their accounts were compromised. Thousands of users across the country filed complaints against the crypto exchange. Since 2016 customers filed more than 11,000 complaints against the Coinbase with U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Coinbase is not the only crypto exchange that is struggling to deal with such issues. Crypto trading platforms are unable to scale their support staff quickly enough, especially during bull markets. This problem also led to infrastructure overload during periods of high volume. As a result, millions of traders are unable to access their accounts when they need them most. 

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